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Overcome Your Root Causes in 28 Days

Stressed Woman


Are you burning the candle on both ends?

It’s clear that stress is a part of life that must be managed effectively to maximize every aspect of your wellness efforts. Everyone deals with stress in their own unique way. We might mimic our parents or still be using habits we developed in childhood. Most of us wish we were better at managing stress. Make time for examining this important part of your life and how you respond to any stressful event matters immensely for preventing or reversing chronic diseases.

Stress Management and Sleep Hygiene

In this 21-Day program I address the underlying causes of poor stress recovery and the things you need to focus on when managing chronic stress. You will learn how to increase energy, reduce stress, improve sleep and shift your mindset.

Hormonal Imbalance

Re-sync Your Hormones

Hormones play a vital role in our body’s chemistry and they are an integral part of every organ in the body. They carry messages between cells and organs. They affect our body’s functions: Growth, Sex Drive, Sleep, Hunger Levels, Mood, and Digestion etc.

Finding Your Balance

With this program you will be able to resync your hormones to blissful harmony. You will be given all the tools that you need to succeed for the long term and even beyond the program length. This program was designed to help you find a natural path to balancing your hormones and allow you to feel like the best version of you! 

Stomach Pain
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Immune Dysfunction

Fire Alert!

Chronic inflammation may come in many different forms for many different reasons, so it’s important to take a close look at the symptoms that you or a loved one are experiencing. While some people may not know that they have chronic inflammation, others can feel the damaging effects on a daily basis

De-flaming Your Body

Medicine isn’t the only way to fight inflammation. Your diet plays an important role too. Learn more about the health consequences of chronic inflammation, and what you can do to stay healthy. The Nutri-SHIFT Inflamation Program  helps you connect the dots between unexplained multi-system symptoms, inflammation flare-ups, multiple chemical or food sensitivities and a myriad of events accompanying autoimmunity.

Food Reactions

Leaky Gut and Your Health

Poor gut health is a sign of poor overall health. More correctly, if you have poor gut health, your overall health is suffering as a result. Poor gut health isn’t only caused by unhealthy eating, but also an imbalance of gut bacteria. Consider that many autoimmune issues and irritable bowel syndrome are linked to an imbalance of healthy and unhealthy bacteria. Since your calories and nutrients pass through your gut before they become available to you, the health of your gut influences the health of every part of your body.

Food as Medicine

Medicine isn’t the only way to fight disease. Your diet plays an important role too. Learn more about the health consequences of poor nutrition and how you can reverse food sensitivities, allergies autoimmunity and gut related chronic diseases by healing your gut. 

Botox Treatment


Are Detoxes a Fad?

Do you love a good detox or have you wondered about all the hype?  Whether you’ve heard about lemonade cleanses or full-blown colon cleanses, the bottom line is, most detox programs strip you of vital components of proper nutrition and leave you with no practical steps to avoid re-toxification. What's the point of doing a detox only to need it again in 6-weeks?

Supporting Your Natural Detox Pathways

This program is built to support your body’s ability to pull out and excrete toxins effortlessly without harsh cleanses that require consuming a liquid only or green shake diet. It focuses on eliminating certain foods and drinks from your diet while incorporating nutritious whole foods and herbal teas to strengthen your  gut and improve your overall health.

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